Joyce Banda Wanted For assisting the women and youth gain social and political empowerment.

President Banda’s mission in life is to assist the women and youth gain social and political empowerment through entrepreneurship and education. She has spent the past thirty years as a development practitioner, a
philanthropist and a champion for social justice and equality. She has a strong passion for women, children and the under-privileged. In this regard, she has been involved several development and humanitarian
work through the following platforms:

She established the Joyce Banda Foundation in 1998 and the Foundation provides integrated rural development services to over 300,000 resource poor beneficiaries. The Foundation provides services in the
following areas:

i. Free Secondary School for Orphans
ii. Early Childhood Development and Orphan Care
iii. Youth Development
iv. Food and Income Security
v. Maternal health and Safe motherhood
v. Maternal health and Safe motherhood
vi. Water and Sanitation
vii. Women’s leadership
viii. Economic Development for women





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