Most wearable fashion trends for women

Lace Floral Print

Usually, brides come to mind when you think of lace. Or, maybe an evening wear. Well, for summer, designers hope to change your mind about this timeless trend, and they are clear that lace is here to stay. Lace is light and easy to wear, so many of the seasons outfits will incorporate it. You just have to keep the balance and carefully combine it with your everyday outfits. The key with lace is to pick the right colour, fabric, and style says fashion designer, Carla Pinto. Pinto showcased her latest collection at the SA Fashion Week. Pinto’s House – African Style Story is all about prints, floral and lace. For the show, she recreated a floral lace print that contrasts beautifully with a geometrical crochet print. Pinto says her main source of inspiration was the antique lace and crochet patterns. She says she has a way around to refresh and revitalise lace.

The Portuguese designer says this visual illusion will definitely give women the unique possibility to wear clothes with a sophistication and timeless, yet sporty look. The fresh approach is to make it anything but formal. Pinto says if you want to grab attention, coloured lace is perfect for you. She says to choose anything from bright red, yellow, blue or pink colours instead of playing it safe with white and black.

Lace Floral Print

Lace Floral Print

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