The most notorious celebrity wardrobe malfunction of all time, at the American Music Awards

Chrissy Teigen

Photo: Getty

All was going really well for Chrissy Teigen at the American Music Awards. She showed up in a black dress with two insanely high slits, and looked gorgeous on the red carpet with husband John Legend on her arm. The new mom stunned in the Yousef Akbar dress, and posed for pics from all angles. Thing is, we don’t think she quite understood what would happen if she posed in that dress from all angles. The dress combined with a breeze made for a really difficult—and, in the end, NSFW—photo shoot. Behold:

Photo: Getty

Whoops. The same thing happened from the back, no matter how hard she tried to cover her bum with a tiny clutch.

Photo: Getty

Legend’s face in this pic is pretty priceless, but not nearly as priceless as Chrissy’s. The struggle is real.

Photo: Getty

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Honestly, this photo pretty much sums it all up:

Photo: Getty

Yeah. She did get a few good shots, though, showing off the detail of the dress in all its glory.

chrissy teigen wardrobe malfunctionimages 624808856 This Chrissy Teigen Wardrobe Malfunction Is Legit NSFW



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